Fairchild Channel F Console

The Fairchild Channel F is a home video game console released by Fairchild Semiconductor in November 1976 at the retail price of $169.95 (equivalent to $700 in 2015). It has the distinction of being the first programmable ROM cartridge–based video game console, and the first console to use a microprocessor. It was launched as the Video Entertainment System, or VES, but when Atari released their VCS the next year, Fairchild renamed its machine. By 1977, the Fairchild Channel F had sold 250,000 units and trailed behind the VCS.


Hockey (Integrated)
Tennis (Integrated)
Videocart-01: Tic Tac Toe, Shooting Gallery, Doodle, Quadradoodle
Videocart-02: Desert Fox, Shooting Gallery
Videocart-03: Video Blackjack
Videocart-04: Spitfire
Videocart-05: Space War
Videocart-06: Math Quiz (Addition & Subtraction)
Videocart-07: Math Quiz (Multiplication & Division)
Videocart-08: Mind Reader, Nim (also referred to as Magic Numbers)
Videocart-09: Drag Strip
Videocart-10: Maze, Cat and Mouse
Videocart-11: Backgammon, Acey-Deucey
Videocart-12: Baseball
Videocart 13: Robot War/Torpedo Alley
Videocart-14: Sonar Search
Videocart-15: Memory Match
Videocart 16: Dodge-It
Videocart-17: Pinball Challenge
Videocart-18: Hangman
Videocart-19: Checkers
Videocart-20: Video Whizball
Videocart-21: Bowling
Videocart-22: Slot Machine
Videocart-23: Galactic Space Wars
Videocart-24: Pro-Football
Videocart-25: Casino Poker
Videocart-26: Alien Invasion