Pioneer LaserActive Console

ByGame Sack

The LaserActive is a converged device and fourth-generation home video game console capable of playing Laserdiscs, Compact Discs, console games, and LD-G karaoke discs. It was released by Pioneer Corporation in 1993. In addition to LaserActive games, separately sold add-on modules (called “PACs” by Pioneer) accepts Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 ROM cartridges and CD-ROMs.

Pioneer released the LaserActive model CLD-A100 in Japan on August 20, 1993 at a cost of ¥89,800, and in the United States on September 13, 1993 at a cost of $970. In December 1993 NEC released a cloned version of the system, the NEC PDE-LD1, which was priced identically to the original system and also accepted Pioneer’s PAC modules. Due to its low value for money, the LaserActive was a commercial failure.

The LaserActive has no regional lockout, allowing software from any region to be played on any system.


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3D Virtual Australia
Akuma no Shinban (Demon’s Judgment)
Angel Mate
Back To The Edo
Bi Ryojon Collection (Pretty Illusion – Minayo Watanabe)
Bi Ryojon Collection II (Pretty Illusion – Yuko Sakaki)
Don Quixote: A Dream in Seven Crystals
Dora Dora Paradise
Dr. Paolo No Totteoki Video
Ghost Rush!
The Great Pyramid
High Roller Battle
I Will: The Story of London
J.B. Harold – Blue Chicago Blues
J.B. Harold – Manhattan Requiem
Melon Brains
Pyramid Patrol
Quiz Econosaurus
Road Blaster
Road Prosecutor
Rocket Coaster
Space Berserker
Steel Driver
Time Gal
Triad Stone (aka Strahl)
Vajra 2
Virtual Cameraman
Virtual Cameraman 2
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