PC-FX Console


The PC-FX  is a 32-bit home video game console made by NEC Corporation. It was released in Japan on December 23, 1994, just weeks after Sony’s PlayStation and a month after the Sega Saturn. It is the successor to NEC’s PC Engine, known as TurboGrafx-16 in North America.

Unlike its predecessor, the PC-FX was only released in Japan. The console is shaped just like a tower PC and was meant to be similarly upgradeable. However the PC-FX was using an outdated graphics chip that rendered the system underpowered in comparison to its competitors,Which caused it to be a commercial faliure. A lack of developers’ support also meant inadequate games and as a result it was unable to compete effectively with its fifth generation peers. The PC-FX was NEC’s last home video game console, and was discontinued in February 1998.


Aa! Megami-sama!
All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling: Queen of Queens
Angelique In Wonderland
Angelique Special
Angelique Special 2
Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem
Anime Freak FX Vol. 1
Anime Freak FX Vol. 2
Anime Freak FX Vol. 3
Anime Freak FX Vol. 4
Anime Freak FX Vol. 5
Anime Freak FX Vol. 6
Arubarea’s Maiden
Battle Heat
Blue Breaker
Blue Chicago Blues
Boundary Gate: Daughter of Kingdom
Can Can Bunny Extra DX
Chip-chan Kick!
Classmates 2
Cocktail Pack
Comic Road
Cutie Honey FX
Deep Blue Fleet
Der Langrisser FX
Detective Ladies
Dragon Knight 4
Farland Story FX
Fire Woman Matoi-gumi
First Kiss Story
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna FX
Graduation 2: Neo Generation FX
Graduation Real
Kokū Hyouryo Nirgends
Kishin Doji Zenki: Vajura Fight
Last Imperial Prince
Lil’ Red Riding Hood Cha-Cha
Lunatic Dawn FX
Mahjong Goku Tenjiku
Makeruna! Makendou Z
Megami Paradise II
Minimum Nanonic
Miraculum: The Last Revelation
Pachio-kun FX
Welcome To Pia Carrot
Power Dolls FX
Return to Zork
Ruruli Ra Rura
Shanghai: The Great Wall
Sparkling Feather
Super God Trooper Zeroigar
Super Power League FX
Super Real Majhong PV FX
Team Innocent
Tekipaki Working Love FX
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki FX
Tengai Makyo Karakuri Kakutoden
Tokimeki Card Paradise
Tonari no Princess Rolfee!
Voice Paradise
Wakusei-Kōgekitai Little Cats
Zoku Hatukoi Monogatari